Tourist destinations

Ringhoffer’s tomb

The Ringhoffer Tomb is a monumental tomb of the Ringhoffer family of industrialists. It is located on the western outskirts of Kamenice near Prague, north of Těptín. It has been protected as a cultural monument of the Czech Republic since 1958. It was built in 1887–1892 by Jiří Stibral. The area of the tomb is surrounded by a wall with a wrought iron gate. The tomb itself consists of a monumental semicircular granite wall with a bench and a staircase, in the middle with a bronze crucified Christ by Josef Václav Myslbek. Around the tomb there is an educational trail through the landscape of Baron Ringhoffer leading from Mirošovice. The location of the tomb is related to the factories, manors and castles of the Ringhoffers, which were not only in Kamenice, but also in nearby Velké Popovice or Kostelec u Křížků. The tomb area has been owned by the Municipality of Kamenice since 2021 and its revitalization is being prepared.

Štiřín wells

The Štiřín wells can be found not far from the chateau and can be reached by a comfortable forest path around the pond. Several smaller ponds were created here, which are fed from these wells. These were also used to supply the castle and the defunct castle brewery. They all have their own names, eg Ringhoffer’s well, Priest’s well, Dinka Quelle. Every spring, they are cleaned and cared for by nature conservationists from Velké Popovice, and they also have a sitting area with snack mugs. The walk is short but very pleasant.

Ládvi lookout tower

It stands at the top of Vlková (488 m above sea level) and is easily accessible by car, bicycle and on foot along the blue tourist sign from the village of Ládví. The lookout tower is 45 m high, with a viewing platform made of sheet metal lattice 25 meters above the ground. 150 steps lead to the platform. The interesting thing about the lookout tower is that it is not possible to see Prague at all, on the contrary, it provides interesting views of the Benešov region. It is currently open (November – February) daily from 9 am to 4 pm, in case of unfavorable climatic conditions it is closed. Free entry.