Halls and lounges of various capacities are available at the Štiřín Chateau. We will always choose the most suitable one with you according to the type of event you are preparing. You can get a preliminary idea on our website, then we will go through everything with you and fine-tune the details. If you are interested, contact us by e-mail: obchodni@stirin.cz.


The halls and lounges in the main baroque building are full of history and will satisfy above all lovers of a pleasant and romantic environment.All individual chateau halls and lounges are suitable for smaller meetings and social events.

Ridinger’s lounge

oval table: 8 persons

Ringhoffer’s lounge

oval table: 12 persons

Hunting lounge

U tables: 22 persons, oval table: 6 persons, round tables: 24 persons, Geneva tables: 16 persons, reception, banquet: 25 persons

Suk’s hall

U tables: 36 persons, round tables: 30 persons, Geneva tables: 24 persons, theater: 70 persons, classroom: 46 persons, reception, cocktail, banquet: 50 persons

Rococo lounge

Table arrangement: 6 people

Chateau terrace

Table arrangement: 120 people
Buffet banquet: 180 people

Garden’s Lounge

Table arrangement: 22 people
Theatrical arrangement: 40 people
Buffet banquet: 40 people

French Garden

Table arrangement: 100 people
Buffet banquet: 350 people


Theatrical arrangement: 50 people

Salm house

Salm’s Hall

Table arrangement: 160 people
Theatrical arrangement: 160 people
Buffet banquet: 260 people

Rustical Hall

Table arrangement: 60 people
Buffet banquet: 60 people

Chval’s Hall

Table arrangement: 30 people
Theatrical arrangement: 60 people
Buffet banquet: 60 people

Salm’s Court – Jockey House


The buildings of the former farmstead from the 15th century were used for agricultural purposes up to the 17th century, when they were modified into a horse barn with a flat for the stableman and servant.
The buildings served this purpose up until 1945; afterwards the farming estate (Salm Court) was not maintained.

Pillared Hall

Table arrangement:  130 people
Theatrical arrangement: 200 people
Buffet banquet:  200 people

Rudolf’s Hall

Table arrangement: 50 people
Theatrical arrangement: 80 people
Buffet banquet: 80 people

Atis House

The untraditional and architectonically unique premises of Atis House are suitable above all for social, sports and cultural events. Thanks to the surrounding gardens and terrace, it is also possible to organise combined indoor/outdoor events, such as barbecues, especially in summer.

Atis House

All Atis House premises
Atis Restaurant, Sport Bar, Club, Lobby, Balcony
Table arrangement: 150 people
Buffet banquet: 300 people

Restaurant Atis

Table arrangement: 80 people
Theatrical arrangement: 100 people
Buffet banquet: 200 people


Table arrangement: 30 people
Buffet banquet: 30 people