Dear guests,
we would like to inform you that Chateau Štiřín will not provide hotel and other services from January 1, 2023. Thank you for your understanding!

Course Desription

9-hole golf course with 70 par located in the English park of Chateau Štiřín amidst wonderful natural sceneries creating a unique and pleasant environment. Well-known nation-wide and world-wide thanks to its beauty and exceptional dendrological qualities. A pleasant and quiet place that is especially suitable for relaxation through sport.

This year’s golf season ended on Monday October 31.

Golf Course Parameters

Lenght – men
4656 m
Lenght . women
4244 m
CR men 68,1
CR women
SR men 128
CR women
1.   Golf course boundaries

All fences and white pins

2.   Static barrier

a)  all tracks

b)  all watering devices

c)  all plantations of coniferous and deciduous trees marked by blue-red pins

3.   Bio zone – red-green pins (one penalty stroke)

The red-green pins mark the place where it is prohibited to play or look for balls.

Violation penalties are specified by Operating Regulations.

4.   Bio zone – blue-black pins (no penalty)

The blue-black pins mark the place where it is prohibited to play or look for balls.

Violation penalties are specified by Operating Regulations.

5.   Dropping zones – blue-white pins

a) hole No. 1 – dropping zone designated for water barrier and bio zone behind the green

b) hole No. 4 – dropping zone designated for bio zone behind the green

c) hole No. 5 – dropping zone designated for bio zone behind the green

d) hole No. 8 – dropping zone designated for water barrier behind the green

e) hole No. 9

e1)  dropping zone No. 1 is designated for short balls that fall into water (pond) and are lost;

it is placed in front of the pond

e2)  dropping zone No. 2 is designated for long balls that bounce back to the water (pond) and are lost;

it is placed behind the pond.

GC Spektrum Golf School

We offer the following services for children and adults, both beginners and advanced players:

teaching of basic golf skills,  

golf qualification examination,

assistance with selection of clubs and other equipment.  

As a part of our offer, a fitness trainer who publishes in the Czech version of Golf Digest will prepare a training and compensation fitness program for every participant.

Training Personnel

Ondřej Bosák, golf instructor
courses for beginners and advanced players
academy, course management

Jiří Kotík, golf instructor
courses for beginners
assistance with club selection

Ivo Reichelt, golf instructor
courses for beginners, exams
STK of club

Vlasta Reicheltová, fitness trainer
“As seen in Golf Digest”
training and compensation fitness programs


Individual lessons (individuals)               30 min. –  CZK 300,  50 min. – CZK 500

Swing analyser Golf Achiever, including instructor’s advice     30 min. – CZK 590

Golf qualification exam – practical examination, regulation and etiquette test;

protocol issue – CZK 2,500

Basic golf course with golf qualification exam:

– 15 training lessons (30 min.) – basic skills, basic regulations, etiquette

–  practical exam, regulation and etiquette test, protocol issue

CZK 6,490 in total

–  each additional training lesson: 30 min. – CZK 270, 50 min. – CZK 450

For more detailed or additional information call the following telephone numbers

723 680 610, 728 988 113



Par 4 – 250 m

Not the most difficult one, but problems resulting in a higher score may occur. The field of vision depends on the amount of leaves on the surrounding trees. This means that the sight distance is somewhat limited in summer. On the left there is a forest and on the right are bio zones. It is very unpleasant if the ball ends up in either of them.


Par 4 – 228/195 m

This is one of the more difficult holes. There is a water barrier in the middle of the fairway. Additional water barriers are placed longitudinally on both sides and at the end of the fairway. Two medium-sized bunkers surround the green.


 Par 4 – 284/261 m

Probably the easiest hole in Štiřín. It is very short and represents almost no danger at all. The green is surrounded by bunkers and trees, with their branches stretching to the middle of the hole from the left. However, even beginners can achieve the par here.


Par 3 – 102/89 m

This hole is very narrow and difficult. While the men’s tee is placed on a small slope above the pond, the women’s tee is located behind, on the level of the fairway. Players face a descending and narrow fairway, with trees and a bio zone on the left and a bio zone and water barrier on the right. Two brooks meet just before the small green and immediately behind it are large bunkers.


Par 3 – 138/128 m

The most difficult hole, especially for women players. The field of vision is extremely narrow, not more than 5 – 10 meters, and it is very difficult to achieve the par even for professional players. It is tough to hit the green and even tougher to stay there. Even players with single-digit handicaps usually achieve just about 50%. The tee is located right behind the gate of the French garden. The ball must end in front of the green. It may bounce towards the putting green but also towards the bio zone behind it.


Par 4 – 296/254 m

Quite an easy hole. Apart from a bio zone on the left, there are no obstacles. Sometimes, the players underestimate the elevation, which can be rather deceptive. That is why it is extremely important to choose the right club. Otherwise, it is a fairly easy hole. It is necessary to putt uphill towards the hole.


 Par 4 – 296/254 m

Quite an easy hole. However, it is necessary to hit the green very precisely because the slope on its right is very steep and the ball may easily end up in thick bushes. Behind the hole, on the left, is a bunker from which it is very difficult to play because the green descends from the bunker and the ball tends to roll away.


 Par 4 – 243/230 m

This hole is one of the prettiest in the Czech Republic yet also one of the most difficult in Štiřín. The green is located on a small lake peninsula, with trees and longitudinal water barriers on both sides of the fairway. The first two hits must be very precise. If the second one is too short, the ball will end up in water. The same will happen if it is too long or deflected to the left. The players are often under a lot of pressure because of the unusually high number of barriers. The first hit is best played along the left side of the fairway, over the white alder next to the bridge. Depending on the player’s abilities, the second should be directed to the green or to the right of it.


Par 5 – 516/461 m

The longest and most famous hole in Štiřín. The players face a pond with tall trees right behind obstructing the fairway. The first hit is very difficult especially for beginners because the ball must fly for at least 160 meters. When you get over the pond and trees, the worst is usually over. However, there are still some 100 metres to the green, which can turn into a nightmare thanks to a couple of unpleasant surprises: an out behind the green, trees and a road which forms an integral part of the course on the right and a wide-spreading tree whose branches fall right to the ground on the left. Once the ball gets stuck under this tree, it may take several shots to get it out again.