The history of golf in Štiřín and its immediate surroundings dates back to the 1920s and is very closely connected with the establishment of the top bodies of Czechoslovak golf, especially with the name of Baron František Ringhoffer.

At that time, the Ringhoffers were long-term owners of the Štiřín chateau, which was adjacent to a 240-hectare game reserve. Their property also included a small golf course in nearby Volešovice (now Olešovice). Baron Ringhoffer was an avid golfer and worked hard to develop the sport. One of his curious deeds was undoubtedly the one when he sent his court coach Doležal to a golf lesson and to take care of the course to the cradle of the modern form of this fun gentleman – England. The golf enthusiasm and enthusiasm of the Štiřín family was first significantly awarded on November 24, 1931 at the first meeting of the Golf Association of the Czechoslovak Republic in the common rooms of the Autoclub RČS, where the industrialist Baron František Ringhoffer was elected the first chairman of the National Golf Association. The first golf competition, which later grew into a national team championship, was played as the Ringhoffer Cup from 1940. The stormy whirlwind of war and nationalization events for a long time violently interrupted the tradition of Styria golf. It was not until the 1980s that a group of brave enthusiasts decided to resurrect local golf genes.

The tooth of time occupied the original course with municipal buildings, and so – first under the banner of the local TJ Slavoj Velké Popovice and later from 1992 in a separate Golf Club Štiřín, local modern golf prospectors began to build a course almost illegally in the park of the Štiřín castle. The history of local golf began to gain further momentum. Since 2003, the Ringhoffer Golf Club, which bears the name of the Ringhoffer family, has been operating here. The number one local event is undoubtedly the main club tournament Ringhoffer open, following on from the First Republic competitions.