Restaurant Atis opening hours: monday to sunday 11:00–22:00

Weekly menu

MONDAY 18. 10.
Tripe oyster mushroom soup 45 CZK
Boneless Sichuan chicken leg, jasmine rice 149 CZK
Wrap with tuna and olives, vegetable salad 160 CZK
Pork tenderloin steak, light potato salad 206 CZK

TUESDAY 19. 10.
Beef broth with liver dumplings 45 CZK
Chicken roll, spinach, blue cheese, mashed potatoes 135 CZK
Baked cod, vegetable couscous, lemon yogurt 155 CZ
Beef burger with cheddar, french fries 206 CZK

French onion soup, cheese croutons 45 CZK
Beef goulash, bacon dumpling
155 CZK
Penne arrabiata with chicken 145 CZK
Baked pike perch, herb bulgur 209 CZK

THURSDAY 21. 10.
Chicken broth with meat and vegetables 45 CZK
Pork shoulder on paprika, dumpling 135 CZK
Homemade bun with cottage cheese, apples and cinnamon 128 CZK
Roast duck leg, red cabbage, potato dumplings 206 CZK

FRIDAY 22. 10.
Vegetable cream with herb oil 45 CZK
Fried rice, chicken, vegetables, coriander, chilli
140 CZK
Tagliatelle with salmon, peas, lemon sauce 145 CZK
Beef medallions, shallot sauce, potatoes 206 CZK

SATURDAY 23. 10.
Garlic with potatoes and egg 45 CZK
Wild chicken leg, butter potato 150 CZK
BLT sandwich, french fries, lemon mayonnaise 149 CZK
Beef daube, root vegetables, puree 206 CZK

SUNDAY 24. 10.
Frankfurt soup with sausage 45 CZK
Pork shish kebab, french fries, chilli mayonnaise 139 CZK
Turkey ragout with celery and oranges, potato gnocchi 145 CZK
Wrap with smoked salmon, jerky, arugula salad 206 CZK

Package price 10 CZK. Meals contain allegens.