MONDAY 13. 9.
Carrot cream with curry and coconut milk 45,- CZK
Roast pork with mashed potatoes and mushrooms 135,- CZK
Caesar salad with bacon and chicken breast 160,- CZK
Salmon with grilled vegetables and arugula pesto
206,- CZK

TUESDAY 14. 9.
Lentil soup with sausage 45,- CZK
Beef on ginger with jasmine rice 150,- CZK
Potato gnocchi with blue cheese sauce, pork 154,- CZ
Grilled duck breast with oranges, white chicory, beans  206,- CZK

Potato cream with mushrooms 45,- CZK
Chicken strips in tempura, vegetable noodles, chili sauce 140,- CZK
Roasted cod with vegetable couscous
155,- CZK
Pork tenderloin with wine sauce, roasted grenail 206,- CZK

Pumpkin cream soup 45,- CZK
Pork neck with red cabbage, potato dumplings 135,- CZK
Wrap with shredded pork, fried french fries 128,- CZK
Beef skewer with sweet potatoes, tamarind sauce 206,- CZK

FRIDAY 17. 9.
Kulajda with egg 45,- CZK
Fried camembert with boiled potatoes, tartar sauce
135,- CZK
Beef goulash with bread dumplings 150,- CZK
Panzanella salad with smoked salmon, fried bread 206,- CZK

Minestrone 45,- CZK
Tenderloin with bread dumpling 154 CZK
Chicken fillet with roasted potatoes, chili mayonnaise 140,- CZK
Baguette with roast beef, garlic remoulade, vegetable salad
206,- CZK

SUNDAY 19. 9.

Beef broth with meat and vegetables 45,- CZK
Pork chop with boiled potatoes, pickle 140,- CZK
Spring spaghetti with mozzarella
135,- CZK
Tabbouleh salad with chicken in honey and ginger 206,- CZK

Package price 10 CZK. Meals contain allegens.