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General Commercial Conditions on Rendering Services 

issued in accordance with the provision of §273 par 1 of Law no. 513/1991 Coll. Commercial Code, as amended


Article I.

Scope of the General Commercial Conditions

The General Commercial Conditions on Rendering Services by the Chateau Štiřín (hereinafter referred to as “General Conditions“) shall in detail define the execution and the  contents of the Contract on Rendering Services to be provided in the facilities of the Chateau Štiřín  (hereinafter referred to as „Chateau Štiřín“)

Article II.

Execution of contract on rendering Services

1. A party which is interested in services rendered shall fill in and sign the „order form“ .
2. The Client can obtain order forms from the Reception Desk or Commercial Department of the Chateau Štiřín.
3. A filled order form can be furnished either in person or sent by mail to the address Chateau Štiřín obchodní oddělení (Commercial Department), Ringhofferova 711, Štiřín, 25168 Kamenice or by electronic mail (e-mail) to the address or by fax to the number 255 736 261.
4. Chateau Štiřín shall acknowledge the order on receipt thereof and shall send the order acknowledgment to the Client within 3 working days. An order form transmitted electronically or by fax shall be acknowledged by Chateau Štiřín also by fax or e-mail and shall send the order acknowledgment in writing to the Client by mail.
5. In the acknowledgement of the order form, Chateau Štiřín shall define whether it requires advance payment and if so, also the amount of the latter; the payment terms for  the advance shall be part of the acknowledgement of the order.
6. The Client shall recognize and agree that an order upon acknowledgement by Chateau Štiřín shall become a duly executed  “Contract on Rendering Services” (hereinafter referred to as Contract) only upon paying the advance amount specified in the order acknowledgement ” in accordance with the present General Conditions; unless the advance amount is paid within the period defined in the order acknowledgement, Client and Chateau Štiřín shall assume  the order as cancelled by the Client.

Article III.

Prices, Payment and Cancellation Terms

1. The Client shall undertake to pay for the services rendered by the Chateau Štiřín a price as outlined in the actual Chateau Štiřín’s Service Price List.
2. The prices for services are contained in the actual Service Price List. The actual Service Price List shall be notified to the Client upon acknowledgement of the order and at its request it shall be presented to it at any time thereafter.
3. The price shall payable upon invoice, issued upon execution of the taxable performance which is the rendering of the event ordered. In the invoice issued, the advance amount paid by the Client shall be deducted from the invoice amount. A specification of the services rendered shall be enclosed as appendix to the invoice. The negotiated remuneration shall be increased by VAT at the legally defined amount.  The price shall be payable within the due period to the account specified in the Zámek Štiřín’s invoice.
4. The Client shall be entitled to withdraw from the executed Contract on Rendering Services only when the compensation amount is paid (i.e. cancellation fee) in an amount:

a) 20 % of the price of the ordered services by the 20th day prior to the rendering of the first service
b) 40 % of the price of the ordered services when withdrawing by the 15th day prior to the rendering of the first service
c) 70 % of the price of the ordered services when withdrawing by the 14th day prior to the rendering of the first service
d) 90 % of the price of the ordered services when withdrawing by the 3rd day prior to the rendering of the first service

In case of cancellation of the contract due to unavoidable events  (Force Majeure) the cancellation fee shall not be charged

5. Unless the Client keeps the extent of services negotiated in the Contract on Rendering Services then it shall pay Zámek Štiřín for a contract penalty at an amount defined similarly as outlined in Article 4 whereas the price of services shall be a price of services, by which the extent of services was not kept by the Client, while the date of withdrawal shall be the date when the reduction of negotiated services was not notified to Zámek Štiřín.
6. Zámek Štiřín shall be entitled to deduct the cancellation fees as referred to in paragraphs 4. and 5. from the advance amount paid by the Client.
7. Late check-out is possible and you can be charged according to the business conditions of the Hotel Chateau Štiřín.

Article IV.

Collecting and Use of Information on Clients

1. Zámek Štiřín keeps the actual records of all of its clients, which contain personal and confidential data, which is processed by it, and shall have the right to use it in accordance with the legal code of the Czech Republic.
2. Zámek Štiřín shall undertake to treat the data on the Client maintained in the records as defined in par 1 only in accordance with this article, and shall provide proper protection of the data and except cases imposed or allowed by law, or agreed upon with Client, it shall not disclose it to third parties. The rights and liabilities of personal data administrators, compilers and entities are stipulated in the generally binding legal regulations.
3. The Client agrees to the use of the personal data in accordance with paragraph 1.

Article V.

The General  Conditions were issued by Zámek Štiřín on 1. 9. 2005 and published on Internet site