The Hotel Chateau Štiřín**** is located 25km southeast from the centre of Prague, in the romantic environment of a Baroque château surrounded by several ponds. The site includes an English style château park.

The extensive grounds offer a broad range of hotel services and sports and cultural possibilities, as well as opportunities for rest and relaxation.

We offer the best facilities and services for your company seminars, training sessions, and presentations.

If you are looking for a quiet and pleasant environment for holding your family celebrations and other social events you will find it with us.

The romantic setting of the Baroque château is perfect for wedding ceremonies and receptions.

Our services are used by numerous important firms and distinguished individuals. And because our facility offers a pleasant and private environment for events our guests are always eager to return.

We are currently conducting the long-term reconstruction of additional estate buildings, which will serve to expand our accommodation and conference capacity.

We are also preparing new building additions to expand our offer of sport and relaxation opportunities.

If you would like to take advantage of our services contact any of our departments  according to your requirements.

Customer relations are governed by our Business Conditions.

Invoicing data contains basic information for business documents.

All services we offer can be paid by credit card.

We likewise accept a wide range of vouchers.

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